Narinder jeet is a well known Punjabi Pop artist. He is well known for his melodies songs. One of his popular album is the first choice SOHNI KUDI .Narinder jeet has arguably the most powerful voice among Bhangra singers today. Throaty, with a range that never fails to astound, he was possibly the most successful traditional artist doing the rounds of the bhangra scene during his time.

Narinder jeet has been known in Punjab for many years, but his big break in the expatriate market came with song Little Finger and dil track that can only be called explosive. Since then there have been Remixes of his older songs and a few new releases.

Narinder jeet Who make history in Punjabi Music by his Songs Narinder jeet is a Traditional Punjabi Singer, and since most of his work has been produced in India,it may at first appear unpolished. Certainly the music is more “rustic” than that found on many bhangra bands from the UK, but it that does nothing to reduce its impact. There are more sustained dhol beats in Narinder work than you would find else where and the style is traditional. There is no room for tiny motions when dancing to Narinder, the beats demand large gestures and uninhibited movement. A note must be made of the high tone Narinder sometimes uses, which sounds like a screech. You can find others trying such vocal pryotechnics, but few can pull it off as Narinder does. His singing style works with the beat, so you will find him pausing along with the dhol and raising and shifting into different keys as the dhol does.